CPCCS Waitlist Information

Due to the overwhelming demand for space at our program, we will be implementing a non-refundable waitlist administration fee to all non-federal families wishing to be added to our waitlist.

In order to secure your spot on the waitlist we will require that you mail or drop off the attached Waitlist Form with a check for $50, addressed to Canada Place Child Care Society. Your child will not be placed on the waitlist until we have received the Waitlist Fee and the Waitlist Form.

Families are required to notify us of any changes to their contact information, but otherwise we will be in touch when we have organized an open house or if a space has become available for your child. Your waitlist administration fee guarantees you a spot on our waitlist until your child no longer needs care.

We have two waitlists, one for Federal employees and one for non-federal employees. We give priority to Federal employees as well as we have more spaces available for Federal employees therefore the waitlist tends to be a lot shorter for that reason. We have limited spaces for non-federal employees so that waitlist tends to be a bit longer.

When a spot becomes available we offer it to the next family in line on the waitlist. We try to give parents as much notice as possible when a space opens up. If you refuse a spot that becomes available we will make a note of it, if you refuse a spot twice we will remove you from our waiting list. This is to ensure we have a manageable waitlist. Please make sure you are picking a start date that is reflective of your needs. You can update your preferred start date at any time if your needs change.

We see a lot of our children leave between May-September, when the older children start getting ready to go to school. It is during this time of year that we have higher enrollment due to more spaces being available.

We have two open house events per year, we will send email invitations to families that are on our waitlist to attend. The open house is when you will be allowed to come into the center for a tour and to ask questions. We do not provide individual tours to families until they have been offered a spot, therefore our Open House is a great opportunity for parents to meet the staff and see the center.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I know that finding child care can be tricky and we will do our best to make it as easy for you as possible. Thank you for your ongoing interest in our child care program and we will continue to do our best at providing the best customer service while you are waiting for a space to become available.

Yours truly,

Whitney Stevens
Executive Director
780-429-3033 ext 101