Parent Testimonials

Creating and maintaining strong relations with families is the foundation of a successful childcare experience for all.

Creating and maintaining strong relations with families is the foundation of a successful childcare experience for all.

"CPCCS is one of the best things that has happened to our son. He's been attending the daycare since he was 8 months. The staff are so friendly and caring and now he feels at home everytime we drop him off in the morning. The daycare is very prompt in updating us on the day to day activities through the HiMama app & that really gives us great satisfaction to know that our child is doing good. We really appreciate everything CPCCS staff has done in helping our child learn something everyday" - Ramavartheni Kanthappan

"We moved to Edmonton from Montreal in January 2019. We put our son in 2 daycare’s before putting him in CPCCS. Our son loves this daycare and so do we. The staff is fantastic! They are knowledgeable, well-trained, loving and caring. CPCCS offers diverse and fun activities and field-trips. It is the best daycare we have found and is the comparable to the fantastic daycare we had in Montreal!" - April Lalonde

"All three of my boys have attended Canada Place Child Care Society. I can’t say enough great things about this daycare! The staff are loving and kind, the facility is bright and spacious, they have a fun outdoor playground and homemade meals and snacks, and are close to the river valley for exploring." - Serena Ewasiuk

"CPCCS is an excellent child care Centre. I can’t think of a better place to send my child. The staff are so kind and attentive with the children. They also have fun and educational activities planned for the children to keep each day interesting. My daughter can be shy but she loves going to daycare every day." - Kristina Ball

"My daughter has learned so much and loved being there! The staff are fantastic." - Diana van der Stoel 

"One of the best child care we ever have. The educators are really friendly and always with a smile. My kids are having fun every day." - Ni Li

"My son loves going to daycare every day. CPCCS has caring, knowledgable staff and fun developmental activities for littles." - Lindsay Petigara

Unbelievable! This daycare is head and shoulders above the rest! With competitive pricing, better staff numbers for more attention and one on one time with your child, and programs like Zumba, dancing, art projects, yoga, and field trips all around downtown, I would never want my child to go to any other place. The value for her early learning education is amazing and we see changes in her so quickly. Oh and they didn’t close for a week over the summer like my last daycare” – Todd Lefebalous

"Our son attended CPCCS for nearly 5 years - from 10 months to starting kindergarten. Without a doubt, the wonderful team at CPCCS set him up for success. They became an extension of our family, and we could not be more pleased with the experience. The meals, the activities, the outings - everything was first-rate. I would highly recommend CPCCS to anyone considering daycare, especially in the downtown area." - Adam Sweet

My caveat is that I served on the Board for 5 years. For three of them, I was the President. CPCCS is an amazing child care centre. The focus they have on ensuring the best staff and programming is amazing. My son and daughter both attended CPCCS and for each of them, we decided to keep them at CPCCS for an extra year rather than send them to kindergarten in their first year of eligibility. CPCCS has a great chef who prepares breakfast, snacks and lunches. They follow a Reggio Emilia philosophy of learning through play which is supported by programming including Zumba, Music and Yoga, each delivered by outside professionals. The location in Canada Place is amazing for field trips; you will love it when your kid comes home with their first story about going to the rocks or riding the Funicular. If you're an LRT commuter and work downtown this location couldn't be better. So slick for me and my family. Without a doubt if we had more kids they would go here.” – Michael Shouldice

I did a lot of research and toured A LOT of daycares before choosing CPCCS. This is the best daycare in the city. You get more for your money here than anywhere else I have seen. Because they are a non-profit, no corners are cut so that an owner can make a profit. They have a dedicated office staff and professional cook, which means that the educators can focus solely on caring for your child. So many of the daycares that I toured had their staff responsible for multiple duties, which leads to burnout, turnover, and lower-quality care. At CPCCS, because of the wonderful work environment and enhanced staff ratios, they get to hire and retain the best of the best. The staff here are engaged, happy, and focused on creating a truly exceptional early childhood development environment. When my son was a baby he woke up from a nap with a fever. When I arrived at the center to take him home, his group was at the gym for music class, but he was snuggled up, fast asleep with one of his educators in a rocking chair. When your child needs one-on-one attention, they get it. There are 6 separate rooms, so the kids are in 6 small groups according to age, with a minimum of 2 educators per room. This was a huge relief when he was little, knowing that there were no bigger kids running around when he was learning how to walk. It is a more peaceful environment than the other daycares I toured – great for nap time. Now that he’s a pre-schooler and a ball of energy, I love all that this location has to offer. They are never stuck inside during the long Edmonton winters. They take the pedways to go to the public library, burn off steam in the children’s exhibit at the RAM (CPCCS has a yearly membership), ride the LRT, explore the Citadel, etc. Instead of going to the same community park every day, they not only have their own dedicated outdoor playground, but also a seemingly endless amount of events and field trips to attend. I researched preschools and pre-k academies around the city, and the enhanced programming at CPCCS has them all beat. When your child runs into the center every morning filled with excitement, and you are greeted by smiling faces, and the smell of homemade whole-wheat waffles, you know you’ve made the right choice. -Ashley Charlton

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