Fees & Registration


Monthly Fee Schedule Effective April 1, 2020

Full Time

Infants 0-12 months   $1,490.00

Toddlers 13-35 months $1,415.00

Preschoolers 36 months and up $1,295.00


Part-Time Fee (Federal Employees Only)

Age Range



Infant (0-12 Months)



Toddlers (13-35 Months)



Preschool (36 Months +)




Fees are payable on the first Wednesday of each month. Fees include lunch, two snacks and all activities, including field trips. The deposit is a fee of $500 plus $20 deposit for key card and is returned upon receiving 30 days notice for withdrawal.

Canada Place Child Care Society is a non-profit daycare. We work hard to keep our fees as low as possible while still allowing us to attract qualified and experienced staff. Our fees are set by our Board of Directors, which is made up of parents of the children at our daycare.


Subsidized rates are available based on the eligibility criteria set by the provincial government.



Federal employees enjoy many perks having their child enrolled in CPCCS. Federal Employees are given priority as spots become available.

Below are a few highlights.

  • Federal employees do not have to wait for our open house to receive a tour. If you are interested in registering your child, please give us a call to have a tour of the center to meet our Educators.
  • The convenience of having your child near your workplace.
  • Parents are welcome to spend time in the room with their child.
  • We have many parties and events that parents can participate in throughout the day without having to take a day off work.

We have a waitlist for Fall 2020. Please complete our Online Waitlist Form if you are interested in putting your child on the waitlist for a spot.